The Two Totally Cool Blondes Part 1

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How to be Totally Cool Blondes!
1. Try to be totally asian! ^_____^ (include lots of smilies)

2. Watch Twilight parodies and talk about Edward Cullen 24/7

3. Read books on how to Barbie-like

4. Make random youtube videos

5. Be secretly smart

Itwas requested and yes, I found the most stupid looking photo of them :)
I'm so evil. mwahahaha.
People like making fun of blondes for some reason :(
I like listening to blonde jokes so I googled it and laughed.

A blonde asked someone what time it was, and they told her it was 4:45. The blonde, with a puzzled look on her face replied,

"You know, it's the weirdest thing, I have been asking that question all day, and each time I get a different answer."
Banana Louise Sandyers is a narcissist and I also think that Kayley  Sellbee is also a narcissist as well. They're both very blonde but extremely smart at the same think which I think is impossible :/ They're both human-sized Barbie dolls and have many Kens surrounding her but of course they don't like Kens. Didn't you hear that Ken and Barbie broke up?! Because Barbie was having an affair with some other handsomer dude. Barbie is so plastic, yeah, she is. She's been round since 1940's or somewhat >.> I wonder who her plastic surgeon is.

I shall have to think of what to write for Pa-pa-part TWO

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