15 hours PART 1

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Yesterday, I didn't get any sleep. From 12 - 3 am I tried to go to sleep, but sadly it didn't work. So I played my DS until 5 and realised outside it was already slightly bright. So then I woke up and went onto the computer because the computer is faster from 2AM to 10 AM. Then Mum comes out of her room at 7Am and tells me that we have to leave the house by 8AM - leaving me with no sleep whatsoever.

I know I have a sucky clock =__= "
Please take pity on my stupid window view instead of worrying about my clock.

8:30-11AM: At church, doing nothing that fantastic. Was really tired, no eyebags, (yes I observe myself and I do not develop eyebags which is a good thing??) Arrived at church and wanted to stay in the car to sleep but nooo Mum says I had to go in and greet the (old) people. 

The only reason she had to go early was because of her stupid duty handing out the bibles and helping out with her friend. No one was here yet and Joelle and her two friends (I say 2 friends cause I can't remember their names...They both start with a V.) were in the chinese congregation playing on their DS's.  Was so freaking bored, the english pastor walked past while I was putting in my headphones when the mandarin congregation started singing (don't understand a word they're saying -_-;;).... looked at me in a sort of mad/weird way o.O

I snuck to the toilets and went to the last column and tried to go to sleep on a toilet seat, with my headphones on, but it didn't work cause the sun from the window was shining on me too brightly!!!! So I stayed there for like 10 minutes and went out to get Mumsies keys to go sleep in the car.

Slept until 9:22 AM before going back inside and finally they were starting activities. FUNFUNFUN. The Chen brothers arrived and all was well and I was not as tired because they were funny. Elisha was doing all his gay hand movements. Gabrielle was talking about how he pinched the baby girl Kelly and I got free lollies. We made Christmas cards :D

10AM: Eh the dreaded Christian Education. Why is this part of time always so boring? I was sleeping during this time.

10:20AM: Activities, the part where is it so boring and the bit where Jess and me find a random spot to sit and I always have to sit next to the small-eyed dude who is hella ugly!!! I will have to sit next to another person next week because he is creeping me out.

Eugene and Michael is sitting in front of me. One left one right. They are very quiet. The guy sitting in front of me can do an awesome pen trick!!!! Dunno what his name is.

We learnt about Noah's ark :/ BORING. My tummy was grumbling all the way through.

11AM: FINALLY!!! CAN EAT!!! Usually they have lots of food at church but for some reason, there is no food yet. Damn. So we went off to eat at a restaurant, 'yoom'


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