Asian Parents...

17:23 Cyndi 2 Comments

1. They're hardcore lecturers
So when I was little I asked them for help on a maths problem,
 2 hours later -
They're still lecturing....their voice is so annoying and they stick to me like velcro to see if I can do it properly. If I don't another 2 hours of lecturing...Makes me want to fall asleep. zzzZZZ

2. They expect you to be the best at every subject
Ever experienced this:
"Maths A+ Science A+ Sport A+ French A+ Art A+ English B-

B minus?!!!"

Then they spank you like hell because you've got such a bad report...apparently so...

3. They have the worst furniture tastes
Why is it that all my non-Asian friends have such co-ordinated houses that have furniture that acturally match?!When I look around my house they're all different colours and what is with green?! Why is the colour of the walls GREEN??!!! I don't get how they can still keep this ancient junk.

Mostly wooden....

4. They think ahead
My mum ALWAYS buys clothes, shoes and everything else wearable for the "future"
So that's why my shoe is like a size larger than my actual shoe size.

5. They compare you to your friends
Or any other Asian kid that's way smarter than you...

They always compare me to my other SMARTER Asian friends like Sarah Y and Rebecca and Sarah Tran and Yun!!!
So my mum sees that Becca is getting another award and goes
"How come you don't have an award?" Rhetorical question.

So we visit Yun's shop and sees that she's studying.
"How come she's studying in the holidays and you're playing on the computer?"

"So, whose top in your class?"
"Erm...I dunno."
"Is Sarah or Rebecca smarter?"
"I dunno."
"You always say I dunno that means you don't know anything lah? How come other kids so smart how come you never study and always get bad mark?"

Note to self: B is a BAD mark.



  1. ANAYA LOUISE SANDERS3 November 2009 at 17:56

    wooooww. could this BE any better.
    ahahahah RICE
    what no. im not commenting the video...
    i like how your mum doesnt really spank you like hell :)
    that is all.
    i left my full name... cause im cool like that.

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