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Just a bit of humour before I get onto the whole serious stuff about INJECTIONS~!
I have...just...gotten my swine flu vaccine. Since I'm going to Hong Kong and the whole swine flu phaze is like totally huge over there, my parents decided that we all must get the vaccine or else.

I've never really liked injections, who does? But unlike my sister, I'm not terrified of them and get them over and done with quickly. It's only like pricking your finger with a very sharp blade except that the blade cut would hurt more than a prick of a needle...if you get what I'm saying.

In conclusion, injections are there to save lives so I don't get why some people won't get injections like the HIV/AIDS vaccine we had at school last year. It's there to save your life!!!

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  1. I don't know about you, but that vaccine hurt me. A lot. And I got sick afterwards. Wah, why am I such a wimp, Cindy, WHYYYY?

    Yes, people in HK are very paranoid about swine flu, I heard. I think it was because of the SAHZ or something like that; a precedent -_-