Flies...do not fly away anymore

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THIS fly, is evil. I should have written down this post before uploading the photo. Now I'm looking at it while I am typing this. -pukes- And I just ate...Anyways this fly is evil. Why? Because it first flew towards my hair, tangled it up and infested it with it's dirty furry hands. Then I stood up, screaming, and it was stuck to my chair pillow. So I grabbed my pillow and flung it and it dropped onto the ground. Looking like the above picture ^ I thought it was dead, so I snapped the photo and posted it on facebook.

5 minutes later

After posting the stupid puke worthy photo up on facebook I found out that the fly was alive. ALIVE!!!! It ran away to the side of my desk and started twitching its hands together secretly thinking - "This little asian girl just tried to kill me with it's evil giant hands. I shall have to attack and bring in re-inforcements. Let world war three officially BEGIN!!!!" I did not overreact. What's with flies rubbing their hands together anyways??!!!

SUDDENNLLYYY...... it starts crawling up my desk moving towards me.....Then I run away and get brave and tall Mandy with blonde highlights and big pants to come rescue me! Then she slaps the desk - DOESNT EVEN WORK!!!! 

2004- fly lands on you, you fling and they fly away.
2009- fly lands on you, you fling they stay there and don't fly away!!!

GLOBAL WARMING???!!! o.O    O.o    o.O =3= i want them dead.

Continuing...she opens the desk drawer and it flies away nearby. Then I start feeling itchy so I take a shower.
Now it is not to be seen. But I think I'll have to stay awake just in case it really is alive and takes revenge on me. AHHHHHH help me!!!!!! I'm gonna have nightmaressss....

* SPECIAL NOTE requested by Bec*

Did you see Mrs. D with her hat today at school??
Where does she think she is?! Melbourne??
Gallop galloopp...go the horsies -_-

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