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My hands are temporarily shaking as I type this out and originally I couldn't be stuffed typing this and just wanted to leave the pic there since you could read it yourself. But I reckon you deserve an explanation event though I'm so happy and excited right now.

Well 2NE1 is having a comeback on September 9th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMG I KNOW!!!!

Then as I continued reading, it said that their new album was To Anyone.
Guess what? In Computer Science class we're making sites and we were handed a new task today to create a site based on your favourite hobby and I chose 2NE1 fan website. I named it To Anyone because it sounded like 2NE1 and then I started creating it. 

My site: TO ANYONE
Their album: TO ANYONE

And this happened before I even knew about their comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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