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I am broke, literally broke,as in 'I have absolutely no money!' at all because of the Royal Show!! Entrance fee was $12, freaked out because the lady at the entrance was like 'Do you have an identification?' and I was like 'no,' (thought she wouldn't let me in) and then she's asks me what my date of birth and where my school was then she finally let me in. Seriously, our school gives us like no identification or whatever. It SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. Anyways, went to see the animals, the place stinks of poop. So boring! When we went to see the farm animals we saw a big bull and Jess was going to take a picture when we found out that there was poo on the ground in front of the bull - DISGUSTING!!! Where is is the cleaners when you need them?! We also saw a little baby chick with poo on its back and some other chick was eating it. So gross x___x

Went to IGA someplace and had taste testing~ There were like chilli french fries, sausages ($1 each, rip off!), yoghurt (ate heaps!) and heaps more but most of them you had to pay. Then we went to some shops that were selling stuff and yah, totally expensive. Some I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN badge was like $4!!
Onto the rides we go! So, we first went onto some Cyber Planet which was $15 for 2 people and was really fun and really dizzy and fast (shame that not many people went on it) Then I think we went onto bumper cars, the Ranger (SO FREAKING SCARY, so scared that my glasses and necklace would come off when we were upside down.) Then we went on Hurricane which made my eyes water, nose was wet, drool coming out of my mouth and my palms were sweaty. Wanted to go onto some Extreme Speed but was hella expensive (20$ per person.) We also went into Infinity and was super scary because theres mirrors everywhere and you get freaked out by your own relection ahahah XD So we went on like 5 rides, good yeah? We also bought 1 show bag because by the time we finished eating (yumm, buttered corn cobs! and twisted chips) we only had like a few dollars left... >.> Okok, well Jess had all the money and I didnt have much money left. =___=

Last but not least, the fireworks!!! In my opinion, I think its wayyyy more better than the Australian Day one. You check it out yourself~

Youtube video here. Updating later.

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