'je porte des lunettes'

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People who you wouldn't expect to wear glasses.

Harris - For all the people who have recently come to KCC, yes, she wears glasses. Now if she wears glasses now, people would say she looks weird. This was the same as the time she started wearing contacts but now we've all gotten use to it :D

Waffles - Oh my gosh, I remember in year 8 when she started wearing contacts and she looked really weird. Guess because we were so use to her wearing glasses and everything. Now we're pretty much use to her wearing glasses and she'd look weird with glasses.

Yea Rin - She has these awesome but expensive night dream contacts she wears when she sleeps and it makes her eyes better. Sometimes she wears her glasses in class and she looks wayyy different. She looks a lot smarter! AHA.

BecSTAR - Ahhhh, the person with the humungous eyes...wears glasses.

Milk - I have witnessed a sad sight in French class today...He wears glasses. Blue glasses which look extremely weird on him but he looks older and smarter. ahahah, is that a good thing?

Avocado - I've never seen her with glasses but Waffles told me she wears glasses. I remember her telling us that she couldn't see properly cause she was wearing these purple coloured contacts.

LurikaL - Yes, she wears glasses and I've seen her wear glasses but  I couldn't even remember?! :O

SusiG - I can't remember but Harris says she does.

CamilleTooton - I have actually, never seen her with glasses. But BecSTAR says she does wear glasses.

Why do asians have such poor eyesights?

Yun, Bec, Harris, Faith, Emily Choi, Vivienne, Milk

all asian and all have poor eyesight =3=

That is all I can remember or list down.

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