First Trip to China, Shenzhen

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Believe it or not but I've never been to China. Other people assume Hong Kong is within the Chinese area and it is but it's a different city and is independent - very complicated. But anyways, today I went to Shenzhen for a very big buffet. Was a very short ride to Shenzhen and there was a line/border dividing Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Once I walked over to the Shenzhen line everything was in Chinese writing without the English translation and I can't read chinese!!

Everyone was speaking mandarin in Shenzhen. We took a taxi and it was hella different than the Hong Kong one. The traffic lights were also very different and less more people in Shenzhen than in Hong Kong. Buses were also different it was like going from Perth to like Melbourne or Sydney or something. Everything looked really new and the apartments were cleaner, I think?

Everyone spoke mandarin and instead of using Hong Kong Dollar they used Yuan. The cars on the road - less trucks and double decker buses and in Hong Kong the cars are mostly 7-8 seat vans but in Shenzhen it's mostly smaller cars. Rarely any vans. Oh, and lots and lots and lots of people riding bikes. Everything was less brighter and smaller - itwas like a undeveloped Hong Kong version.

And what I did in Shenzhen? Well....I ate heaps at the buffet!!! Salmon, seafood, soup, beef, pork, chicken and heaps and heaps of other stuff and was so freaking full. Then we went shopping and the shops were really big! In width not in height like In Hong Kong. Then I went up to my Grandfather's apartment in Shenzhen,,,really big compared to apartments in HK.

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