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 What is 얼짱 'uhlzzang' (also written 'uhljjang', 'ulzzang')? 

Uhljjang is a Korean term that derived from '얼굴 짱' - literally 'best face', or 'hot face' - figuratively, one damn fine looking person! But not limited to! A broader definition would be C A M W H O R E ^.~

Junkie's list of how to be 'uhljjang'

-Big eyes - get circle lenses
-Pale face - also known as white
-Small mouth - ...
-Cute poses --->> Asian Poses
-Camwhore or Selca (look it up)

Note: Goo Hye Sun from Boys Before Flowers is an Uhljjang

Okay~ now onto pictures!

Personally, I would be scared if I saw one of these girls with those HUMUNGOUS eyes because they seem like a human sized doll more than a real life person but in Korea it's like hugggeee and everyone wants to be an Ulzzang because everyone wants to be pretty right?

But I think I'll fail if I ever tried ha-ha I think it takes a lot of work to be an ulzzang ^^;; You'd have to look perfect everywhere you go and have like perfect skin and your hair has to be perfect and you have to have like the latest fobby clothes. So you can wear them while you camwhore.


  1. What's it with big eyes and white skin? It's so overrated -_- It's like you can't be 'pretty' unless you get surgery and whack on tonnes of makeup. What's wrong with one damn fine looking person with cute little asian eyes, tanned skin and a mouth that you can actually see?

  2. yes, yes i wish they made people that have low nosebridges, tan skin, small eyes and big mouths, monolids the new PRETTY.
    then everyone would feel pretty instead of being all deperessed because apparently they arent pretty. according to some book about being pretty.