Hungry Jacks customers {rant}

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I have actually not blogged on here since last year, I really should do that more this year! :) That shall be one of my resolutions though I don't think I will be able to achieve it as I would like it to because of year 12! Eeek!

Anyways, in November 2011 - I went for an interview for Hungry Jacks since I had already finished my year 11 exams and I had like 3 months of holidays. My dad's friend is actually a manager at Hungry Jacks so she called me for an interview and just come for an small interview and they actually hired me...Oh my gosh, what a laugh - I came back home that day after the interview and realised that my school socks (which I wore to the interview had holes in them.. how embarassing!)

Hungry Jacks wasn't what I was hoping for my first job to be and I hated it at first - especially since I had to do the washing up and putting meat down the broiler. I had no idea what to expect and thought it would be an easy job (NOPE!)  I remember discussing with my friends what sort of jobs we wanted to work at but that was when I realised, if I can't handle simple jobs like this, then why in the world would other places like Easyway and coffee shops want to hire someone unexperienced like me?! The first couple weeks were deadly and exhausting mainly because I had no idea what was going on and most of the time people were telling me things I had no idea what they were talking about. So yeah, after like 3 weeks of putting meat in the broiler and washing up, I finally learnt how to do the fries and how to make burgers (though I only made burgers for like one day lol)...Then they moved me to front counter the day after I learnt how to make burgers.

The front counter is definitely better than the kitchen, and it's especially convenient for me since I've experienced what's in the burgers and what's happening in the back and like break times and everything. The only thing I really dislike about the front counter are the customers. 

OH MY GOSH! I CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I HATE SOME OF THE CUSTOMERS AT HUNGRY JACKS! Okay, I obviously don't hate all of the customers and there are some that I do really respect and like especially the ones that say 'thank you' and say 'you too' when I tell them to have a nice day. I especially respect the ones that have been waiting for a long time for their order and they don't have a scrunched or mad face on and don't even complain and even when I apologize to them, they say it's alright and give a smile and hurry off to their next destination.

Some of the customers that I have encountered that I really dislike are mostly teenagers (mind you, I'm a teenager myself) and seniors.

So at Hungry Jacks, we have this senior policy that they get a free drink if they've bought a burger or breakfast muffin. Most of the seniors are so damn picky about this! They obviously need to show the cashier their senior's card, and sometimes I can tell that they're a senior because of their appearance and everything...they just look like it. Then there are others that don't look that old and I can't tell if they're a senior or in their late 40's or something. So this one time, I'm taking an order and they want a flat white and a kids meal for the child and so I tell them the amount. Then they go all psycho on me and everything say that they're a senior and they don't need to pay for the coffee and constantly repeat it over and over again like I'm the one whose deaf. Well, the least they could have done is show me their senior's card or start dressing their age and stop getting botox to make yourself younger than you look. Other seniors are like this too, especially the ones that want you to mix the sugar in for them. Look, there is like 10 other people waiting in line after you and you can't even mix the sugar for yourself?!

Today, it was very busy and since I work at a Hungry Jacks which is in a food court, it gets really noisy. So, it is so annoying, and most of the time I just guess the order and repeat it back to them. Now the they walk up to the counter and start ordering like the speed of a train...


...So, I put in whatever I've heard and I ask 'would you like that in a meal?' (this is like a habit, cause I say it like every single time). Then they reply like 'THAT'S WHAT I SAID! I ALREADY TOLD YOU THAT!' with their eyes rolling and everything and their face is like 'omg i can so do a better job than you.' and I'm just like 'bitch please (not really), what size meal do you want with that? There's a small, regular or large.' I can't exactly mind read! Not my fault when I put down a regular meal and you get your order and you're like 'I didn't order a regular! I asked for a large!' The same goes for drinks as well 'I ASKED FOR A FANTA!' Wow, calm down. It just takes 10 seconds for me to get you a drink so you don't exactly need to wait. And then there's like 'And what drink would you like to have with that?' 'OMG I ALREADY TOLD YOU I WANT A COKE ZERO!' Well, I'm sorry, just making sure, in case I accidentally give you a coke instead. It really bothers me how I give them a receipt with the change and instead of checking if I have everything down, they just leave it on the counter and just take the change then go chat with their friends and stand right in front of the counter while there's 10 other people behind them waiting in line.

There's also the people with eftpos...For our eftpos machine, we need to press the button so the eftpos will start working and goes to credit/debit. So after I've told the microphone what burgers they need to make. I repeat the order for the customer and tell them the total and then they start swiping the card. So I need to press the EFTPOS button on the machine and they're just like 'Why isn't it working?' and start swiping it again and again. 'Am I swiping it the right way?' No, you're not sorry.

There's also the people who ask for vegie burgers!!!!!! Vegie patties need to be cooked for like 2 minutes!!! If you're ordering a vegie burger, expect it to take a while or don't order it at all if you're in a hurry. The customers that order a vegie burger always get so impatient. Don't they understand that they didn't order a whopper (whopper meat is kept in a heat chute) but a vegie burger which needs the vegie patty to be cooked and the burger to be made?!

There are also customers who just stare at you while waiting for your order like, or stare at you while waiting in line, or stare at you while you're finishing up an order and you need to get the drinks for the customer first before taking another order. They expect you to take their order first before anything else and start ordering even though you need to hand another customer's order first. It is so annoying when they start ordering even though you're not ready to take an order! Don't they have any patience? I especially dislike those people who just push in line and start ordering even though they just pushed in front of 7 other people.

Meh, that's all I can think of for now - I shall think of more the next time I rant!

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