Sims 3 & Team Fortress 2!

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I haven't been filming YouTube videos or blogging that much as I have been playing Sims 3 and Team Fortress 2 now that exams are all over!

If you have a steam account please add me HERE I'm cyndork. I mainly play Team Fortress 2 as Engineer or Pyro ~~ Woo! Although, I'm still a n00b T__T I still need to play more but I'm getting better (I think?). I usually just attack them head on and so I get killed really quickly har-har...

The other game which I've been playing is Sims 3! I've always been a fan of Sims 3 but recently I got Sims 3 Seasons which is the latest expansion pack!

I've been sticking with this one family ever since I installed Seasons! I started off with Blake Windswell and Jordan Windswell. Blake married Gobias Koffi and they both passed away recently :( Jordan married Kaylynn Langerak and they have three beautiful kids!

Aliens in Sims 3 are really freaky. I don't know why they keep popping up and abducting the women o_O

Bella Bachelor and Jordan Koffi building a snowman in Winter!

Look at how adorable that snowman is!

They fell down on the ice-skating rink

Grim Reaper likes cats ~ He was hugging it and everything

Kaylynn Langerak vomiting coz she's PREGGGNANT with the third child

Reira Koffi (Gobias x Blake's child) and her niece/nephew Daisy and Caleb having a pie eating contest during Fall!
I swear I took more snapshots but this is all! I really love playing Sims 3 *A* but there are so many glitches D:

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