I desteste school; i kan spell.

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For English, why yes, big newspaper 'assignment' Isn't this the reason why we actually have hired people to do this for us.To make newspapers...so we can read it and not make it ourselves and get on with our lives. Or is this some sort of training so if we actually wanted to be journalists or editors when we grow up we'll know how to do it?? I don't really get how this is beneficial they could've at least set a more fun assignment for the top class for the last term. Instead, they give us some stupid -insert happy teletubby song-  'create your own newspaper' assignment -end teletubby song and put on depressing emo song- The only positive thing is that we're not doing Romeo and Juliet anymore and we don't have to read about words I don't understand.

For Mathematics, we have to learn about congruence (wtf is that?) Anyone know? But the big question is - what has congruence got to do with life? I understand how the newspaper report can help us read newspapers.... (that's what its for right?) and maybe help us with our 5% journalism side BUT how has congruence got to do with life??? Only positive thing? Zero. I hate maths.
"You're Asian, you're suppose to be good at maths."
"Why're you so good at maths?"
some random kid replies "That's because she's Asian!"

FYI, i am not good at maths and being Asian doesn't prove anything =3=

For Science, we have a GIGANTIC test on Astronomy. I hate Astronomy but not as much as I hate school or Chemistry or Physics or Human Bio...in fact I think it's my least hated subject of Science. But I hate Science none the less. Especially when you know you have a big test and you haven't studied at all!!! I don't get how we have to know astronomy when I know no one that wants to be an astronaut.

For Sose, we have a mini but HARD test on History. I pretty much like history but when it comes to tests I fail. FAIL. World War One... blah, x___x

For French, we have a TEST on numbers in French. We have to do soooo many tests this week, what is it? like test week?

For Art, we have to do ceramics (aka pottery, ceramics just makes arty farty people sound smarter because secretly they failed school.)

For Fabrics, we have to sew a skirt which will probably end up looking like trash since I can't sew! Proof - last year I sewed my thumb and it left a giant hole in my thumb and I fainted because of that. Nurse says because I'm scared of blood but she just won't admit that I was losing blood from my thumb and wasn't taking care of me properly!!! I've never fainted because I saw blood.... Anyways, yes, Fabric. I am making a suspender skirt and will truly be rad if I wasn't the one making it.

For Sport, we have to play softball and live with the flies. Since it's SPRING ONLY!!!! there are so many damn flies I HATE FLIES!!!!!!!!!!! like 99.9% of the time I HATE FLIES!!!!! more than my hate towards school, I hate flies more. Flies and mosquitoes. Butttt........during sport today I had a theory. Don't flies like corpses? We're not corpses so why are they always hovering around us everywhere they go? There are some places where there are a few flies but then there are some places like the oval where there are humungous masses of flies everywhere. Theory - we're standing on ground where dead people are. Probably we're living above corpses and we don't even know! I got this from Supernatural. 

For CLS, we have to write about everything we did this year! Who in the world can remember everything we did this year??!! 350 words....

Check this video out, girl from DUBLIN??? who wants to demolish her school.

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  1. Dear, science test is on friday.
    Dear, flies are flying around YOU because u SMELL. jks
    Dear, you did not fail sose. 20/20 is not a fail DUH.
    Dear, why do you have to do only 350 words? we have to do 400. LAMEZO.