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I have watched 3 reviews on this site on youtube. They all say it's cheap, safe, comfortable and has an adorable pouch with it. So I browsed by the site today ---> Link And... this is what I saw.

I have heard about this magical 'circle lenses' all year -_- and wasn't even interested in them until I found out that:

  1. My parents knew what they were before me
  2. Someone I know who has extremely small eyes has insanely larger eyes wearing them
  3. Some Hong Kong girl who I adore wears them
  4. I subscribe to youtube, bloggers etc and they wear them
  6. Look it up and its like a big trend in Asia
I am very interested in the Nudy and Magic Series ^___^
Get it for me, okay?

Me and Sarah wanted coloured contact lenses for our play but we don't think the ICE contacts are safe enough since they're so cheap.

According to the three reviews I've watched/read:

- They last up to 3 years
- Best to wear them no longer than 4-6 hours
-When you first get them don't wear them, soak them in solution
-Free case and Gift bag for all orders

For e.g

Item Code: CH625Grey Color ContactsIncluded (4 Items):
- 1 x Pair Of Contact Lenses (2 Lenses)
- 1 x Lens Care Card
- 1 x FREE Contact Lens Case

- 1 x FREE Gift Bag

I'm going to look like a total ugly douche at my cousins' wedding.
We only have like 2 days to get ready before the wedding!!
So that means I'm wearing my ugly glasses for the special occassion.

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