Disappointed in food

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Before I get onto the topic, I'll start this entry off like a diary entry so here goes:

Dear Diary,
today was a very fun day because we had the talent festival but it also wasn't very fun since I didn't get to perform even though I really wanted to. I do think I can sing better than the worst person that was singing. Like that girl who was singing 'That's what you get' by Paramore. No offence kekeke~ Now I regret it cause next year my voice is going to go lower and then I'll really sound like a man.

BecSTAR sang and didn't even sing Try by Asher Brook even though she was stressing and asking people how to get rid of the vocals in the song!!! Arielle was on way too many times and when she, Emily H and Jazmyn was singing I could only hear her and I didn't want to hear her since I've heard her the 4 other times she was on stage!!! I really extremely loved the 'Falling Friday' but all I can remember is 'Ashley baby....' itwas a very good song and I would buy the cd if they made one.

Me and Yun want to sing and Sarah wants our band to be called I(L)1ton! Oh yeah, Free dress day today as well. It was extremely hot. Missed out on science, DIDNT miss out on maths test which I probably flunked cause I didn't even study. Had sose...and art - had nothing to do since I was waiting for mine to get fired or something and really dry or like whatever all teh arty farty stuff.

That's all, Diary I shall write in my blog now.

Have you ever really been disappointed in food? I don't think the subject 'Disappointed in food' is really the subject/topic I want to talk about but I like to keep my titles short and suspenseful or secretive... 

Today I wanted to get this Szechuan Dam Dam mien...and its cut by a knife. I don't know what its called in english but its like noodles that are cut by hand with a knife and its reallllyyy nice!! Then it has like vegetables by the side and REALLY REALLY REALLY spicy mince beef with heaps of chilli and chilli sauce with it. tHen you mix it with the noodles...with the sauce and its really ymmy and chilli/spicy. 

Anyways, I really wanted to eat it but unfortunately it's dinner only and I was in the city at 4-5 PM so not noodles for me. So now it's 7PM and I have to wait til 9PM or like 9:30PM until I can eat it because that's when my dad gets back and he promised he'll get it for me....Let's so pray he rememebers. Or else....DISAPPOINTED!!!!! WHY DO THEY ONLY MAKE STUFF IN CERTAIN TIMES AND OPEN RESTUARANTS AT CERTAIN TIMES??!!!!

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