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So I'm actually writing this through my GMAIL because it takes freaking long to log into blogger (okay, not that long but still....) I was on Gmail anyways so I decided to blog before I go to school. It's already 8:08 AM and it takes my sister 5 minutes to wake up and get ready and 5 minutes to arrive there.... 

Anyways, I have like 2 tests today and I have no idea what I have to do because I didn't study! :O Ohmygosh, I only study for the subjects like Sose and Science and Maths (sometimes) because they're the ones I find hard...I also need to do well in classes or else I'll fail and won't be in all the top classes like the majority of my friends :<

Yesterday was funny because....it wasn't that funny but it was the year six orientation and they raided our eating area. Then the rest wasn't that funny. Yes, my life is boring like that. Oh but in fabrics, me and anaya stayed outside in the cold because of the stupid cockcroach on the door. 

Note to self: Write a blog entry about Darah Domisah


  1. Year sixes were evil.

    ps. How do you get Kendra Dommisse out of Darah Domissah?

  2. LOL something I got out of phys ed, which I got from 2NE1, which i told kendra, which then she agreed but wanted to add a 'h' at the end of Dara lol