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I am slowly, but steadily, earning all my money back through working my ass off!

To be honest - not really, I only work two nights a week and I'm broke as ever than before. Other major news which occurred this month is that I finished my Invisalign treatment but I am not happy with my results! Like they look a lot straighter and everything looks good but I just want them to be straighter! I didn't pay (well, technically my parents did) $6000 just to get almost-straight teeth! The dentist keeps insisting that they are fine and it will mess up with my bottom teeth but my bottom teeth have always been fine! I just want to fix my top teeth once and for all! When I speak, my bottom teeth don't even show so people can't even see it but everyone can see my top teeth. I really pray to God that everything will be over and done with after my consultation with my dentist and that I will be able to get refinements to just tweak these two annoying top teeth.

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