Goodbye Holidays

22:18 Cyndi 2 Comments

So, school is tomorrow. First year of YEAR 11! That's right, two more years until I graduate and finally become an adult and go to university/college and start life. I can finally experience the life my Sims had that I never got to have!!!

Yeah, so, holidays were really quite boring and the only exciting thing that happened was sleeping. Oh and I forgot to mention the exciting dreams I had whilst dreaming. The saying 'Dreams are better than reality.' Oh yeah - I couldn't even wake up until 6pm some days (during the holidays) because my dreams were so fascinating.

This morning I was dreaming of Skins...I really don't know if that was a good or bad thing o.O because it's like R rated and everything but it was definitely generation 1 of Skins. I'm really beginning to like generation 2 of Skins though :) Everyone finds Pandora annoying and they hate her but she's okay for me. I like her. She's useless.

We also have a river cruise in March. Everyone's already found their dresses and everything ~ well except me of course. Or else I would have already put it on my blog instead of moping around wondering what to blog about today. I went around Whitfords where they have like Sportsgirl, Dotti, THE FOREVER NEW! Ugh yeah, no luck cause everything is not 'river cruise' enough except for Forever New except everythings SOOOO EXPENSIVE!!!! It's like you're looking for something formal but not too formal. Everything here is like way too formal or way too casual!! It's really hard :/ But I don't know, I've only been window shopping at Whitfords. I still need to go to the city to check it out.

... Anyhoo, school tomorrow so I better go to sleep. Though I have my alarm clock so I don't know why everyones worried. :)