Got my laptop back! Woo! + Year 12 Ball details

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Just like the title says, I have my laptop back and I feel ever so professional! Though I do wish that I had a larger laptop and not a small mini notebook. This laptop is quite small and so you can't really do many things on it, except browse the net but not watch videos because the screen is too small. You also can't play sims 3 as it doesn't have a CD ROM thingo. Which also means that I don't have Microsoft word and everything because I can't install it ! Also, the reason why I have not updated on my sims 3 is because my computer's CD rom broke and so I can't/don't even have the time to play it!

Anyhoo, our year 12 ball is coming up soon (9th of March), and everyone is fair bit excited about it. I'm only excited because I get to be all prettied up and have an excuse to go shopping for clothes and everything. I don't have pictures of everything I have bought and I wouldn't want to because I want it to be a surprise until the day. I don't know who might be reading this but I don't want any classmates to be reading this and just so happen to see what I bought (even though the possibility of that happening is like 5 in a million.)

That is all!

P.S I quit my job at Hungry Jacks lol. I don't really miss it though, but the manager told me to work again once holiday begins but I don't know if I should. I really do need the money but I could get an even better job with a better salary at some other place?! But I don't know if they would be so lenient.....Oh wells! Better a job than nothing! I'll just find a better one when I've finished year 12!

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