Say Goodbye!

19:05 Cyndi 1 Comments

Happy Birthday to the Emily's!!!

Quote: "When I was complaining about a “long distance relationship between Kobe and Kyoto”Grandmother smiled and said “I’ve been in a long distance relationship for 20 years now”,Grandfather in heaven, did you hear that?"

Everyone says that I will be the sort of person who won't get married until I'm like old~
Then during that time, I will work hard on my education and my IQ and EQ and my job skills :D
So I can be successful and glad whether or not I marry or not ^_^

Goodbye to my Love Life (that never existed TT__TT) Kekekeke~
Oh well, I can get my servings from watching Becoming Jane xD and shoujo mangas :))

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  1. Yep, I'm pretty sure everyone reckons Emily will get married before me... and they're probably right!!!

    Although if you do watch Becoming Jane again, try not to squeal like a dinosaur.... hehehe