First day back at school!!

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Has begun...and its really sad && bad....

First of all, all us asians are seperated and I'm in the most boringest form class ever. With nobody to talk to - well, there is Danae but I cant talk more freely like I use to with my best friendsies D:

Second, Maths class is dreadful because once again I have none of my friends and Estelle doesn't talk much. I have to remember to keep saying my 'sorrys~' and 'thank yous~'

Thirdly, Computer Science I could literally fall asleep - I have no idea what he's saying because its so nerdy,,,,I'm only staying there because I actually need to know this stuff and I'm not wasting my mums money buying that stupid computer book.....and because of Sarah Tran. Someone to talk to at least!!!! I was sitting under the air-con and all my goose bumps came up >< dreadfull

I pray that tomorrow all the classes will be much better and that my friends will at least be in my classes!!!!!!

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