The Call + To Sarah, Harris, Jake, WooBin

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So,,, we just came back home when suddenly mandy's phone starts ringing and I tell her that it's ringing...She quickly grabs her phone and says that I'm calling her?! What,,,, my phone is flipped together and is in my bag - I wasn't even holding my phone and there was no possible way the phone can call by itself since it's flipped together. This was so freaky!!!! The call lasted for 7 seconds and Mandy said she could hear sounds o.O

To Sarah, Harris, Jake, WooBin, eBayer, future apartment buddy,
I don't know what happened but I hope you are feeling okay and that you should know that everything will be perfect again. God is definitely and infinitely watching over you right now and gave you a hill in the middle of your path that you can definitely resolve no matter what happens. Like in dramas - BBF, Geum Jan Di had to go through tunnels and caves and la di la di da to finally have a happy ending. You are an extremely intelligent and tough girl and just pretend that you're fighting a bunch of evil vampires and one of them is named Stephenie Meyer who you desperately want to deafeat. If you ever feel down, you can let it all out on your blog and either post it or save it as a draft. (It feels better when you let everything out) I am not used to a depressing Sarah (I shall have to get use to it) so hurry up and be happy again, okay ? :D :D :D

Muchos love, from me and I and myself

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  1. :):) I'm sure glad I came onto blogger today
    thhhanks cindy! it means a lot to me :D:D

    i'm feeling better..he he he...was just feeling tired and a bit worried, but hey, physics homework does a great job of driving things out of you brain! aha, i just realized that I haven't blogged for a while, so just trying to come up with something...:)