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Mood: - Depressed
Music: - Still Jay Chou xD

:/ Still depressed from test, and it's so hot I don't feel like doing anything. But I did finish my art!!!
Art is the only subject which I can peacefully enjoy music while doing something for school.

I need to study more because according to the teacher, the test was easy and I got a really bad score. I feeel so bad D:

What happened to the days when I was smart? Now even the guys are smarter than me!!! I think my brain has stopped developing since year 7 because I can't remember a thing I've learnt since year 7.

Nooooooooooooo~ I don't want to be dumb for the rest of my life!!!

Need to know more about psychology so I can solve the question. I really dislike Computer Science, I don't know what I'm getting from taking the course nor do I know why I'm taking Economics.

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