Can't Sleep

02:14 Cyndi 2 Comments

It is currently 2:15 AM on Thursday - first day back at school and I can't sleep through the night!!!!

I have tried EVERYTHING, counting sheep,listening to Owl City, playing DS, reading a boring book, closing my eyes and pretending to sleep but then I start itching somewhere.....Help meeeeeeeeeee!!

I need to wake up early this morning and only have 5 more hours of sleep left!!!! I am so screwed..... I'll probably faint during class or something because of lack of sleep`~~

I don't even know if I have everything ready for today ---- like sschool is so stressful and it hasnt even begun yet. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???? D:

edit at 5:04 AM:

yes i am still awake.... ARGHHH,,,,, i have not slept a wink and even wikihow didnt work!!!! i managed to finish a whole ds game (which is a good thing?)

only got 2 more hours to survive...


  1. if it makes you feel any better, i barely slept either, even though i wasn't anxious or anything.

    owl city failed to put me to sleep. wahhh :'(

    insomnia. what a curse :|

  2. yesss, but then at 10 last night i slept perfectly fine :D and woke up early :O at like 6! OMG!!!! but now i cant go to sleeepp -