Chinese New Year EVE [pics!]

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Today is Mandy's birthday :O and I finished watching God of Study episode 7 today. Can't wait for episode 8, so exciting!!! Also, it is Chinese New Year Eve and I got red packets $$$ - $90!!!!

And our cakes were so pretty!
Pandora and Fruity thingie from UTOPIA yummboes,
went to Gelare today but they didnt have Green Tea....
I miss Haagen-Dazs icecream D:

Then went back to Jess' from 5 to like now....
mum is being fobby again - MAHJONG,
none of my friend's parents play mahjong -_-

Then we talked to Elizabeth on msn (microphone call)
and then she had to go and then it suddenly turned 12 AM.....
I'm so sleepy and I just wanna go home!!!!

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