S is for SUPRE

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Yesterday, I went to the city to shop at Supre,
my sister had a $40 gift voucher at Supre.

Seriously, I don't know why anyone would want to shop at supre,
not only is it hella expensive but the clothes are like ermm,,
really short and skanky

Nothing is under $10!!!
(Aside from the accessories and really old items)
Like the singlets are like $10-$30!!!
And they're just singlets -_- 

I get how it's summer here but seriously,
they don't have to be that short. 
They even sell boob tubes - 
didn't check the price
but I bet they're expensive too. 

The worst thing is,
is that the supre sites don't show the extra short clothes
Full on a square skirt. 

Like this!

I'm sick of Supre -_-
Clothes aren't even pretty at all,

Site: http://www.supre.com.au/New-Arrivals.aspx?f1201

I ended up buying this bag yesterday:

It was $16
and I thought it was worth it -
cause I'd rather get this than a singlet!

Mandy's gift voucher was $40 and only bought 3 items -_-

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  1. Yupp, Supre is usually pretty horrid, and they usually play horrid music, and all the clothes are so flimsy, expensive and undersized.

    Although, usually in winter the clothes are lot nicer than any other season, but I just can't be bothered with it. Too far to drive out just to go there, it's not like it's just in Galleria or something -_____-