Google Images

19:59 Cyndi 2 Comments

To: Every blogger out there that simply blogs out of interest just like me and doesn't exactly want to be a freelance blogger like some blogger celebrities like Perez Hilton or Xiaxue - then just be careful what you upload onto your blog. 

In computer science class this week, I googled my nickname and clicked onto images finding out that plenty of pictures from this blog and some from my previous blogs's pictures had been uploaded onto Google Images. I actually deleted those photos and made my blog private because of that.

My friend -_-" told some students at school and they were looking at in in class today and reading my blog from last year (and I wrote some really embarrassing stuff on there) so therefore I'm going to be really careful in what I upload and write onto my blog. So in the end, Google who I thought was my best friend turned out to be my worst enemy and stabbed me in the back. So I hope you bloggers out there will just be careful and think before you upload a photo onto your blog because you never know when that photo will appear on Google Images! 

Out of all those pictures...they had to choose those. 


  1. Yeah, you do have to be really careful -.-
    You can't ever really take back what you put out there. I guess after that (BORING) cyberspace talk... just be greatful you were wearing clothes in those photos -____- I saw them. Don't worry; they aren't so bad at all ^.^