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So if you don't know already - Skins UK version (NOT US version, it so far looks completely rubbish btw)
Skins is a British teen drama that follows a group of teenagers in Bristol, South West England, through the two years of sixth form. The controversial plot line explores issues such as dysfunctional families, mental illness (including eating disorders), sexual orientation identity, substance abuse and death. - Taken from Wikipedia

Okay, if you're not into Gossip Girl and all that stuff you're thinking that it's either just like that or worse. Believe me, I reckon Skins is completely way better than Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl may be more fancy and rich and 'oh the posh lives of so and so' but 2 words: it's so unrelatable and unrealistic. Unless you're a rich socialite who goes to a rich expensive school, then yes - you can relate to it. And yes, if you sleep with different guys even if you don't like them. Seriously, I used to love Gossip Girl but now that I've thought about it. It's really actually quite stupid. The only ever couple I actually do like is Chuck and Blair. The rest of the couples ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS break up. So Serena sleeps with Dan, break up, Serena sleeps with Nate, they break up, Nate sleeps with Jenny, Jenny sleeps with Chuck, Chuck sleeps with Blair, Blair sleeps with Nate, Nate sleeps with Vanessa, Vanessa sleeps with Dan.... you know? It's like they're sleeping with each other. I do love the fashion and the setting. But especially the fashion. 

edit:// [02/01/11] Okay, I reckon I'm being unreasonable - I actually do like Gossip Girl but when you compare it to Skins. Skins is 10000 times more better. Gossip Girl has some pros and cons too! If you've ever read the book, it's actually a really good read. Though the characters in the book and the characters in the show are really different. I think I like Gossip Girl mostly because of the fashion, as I've mentioned, and the glitz and glamour they're surrounded in. There's also the Queen Bee - Blair and the parties and the many events that socialites go to. Which is what makes it interesting, for me because it's like going into a new world of the rich and famous. Which is what Dan actually feels like as he's brought into Serena's world. It's not all perfect, there's many flaws and I like that. It's not that I hate Gossip Girl but I used to love it when I watched season 1 but now that I think it over - it's actually not that good.

Now...Skins is another completely different teenage drama. It focuses lots of different issues that most teenagers face and it's relatable and sort of realistic I guess. I wouldn't know, I'm not British. (But neither am I American) I do know that we've studied about teenagers and drugs and unsafe sex and eating disorders though in school though. Though I do have to warn you (before you get addicted to it!) that they use a lot of swear words and I don't think that anyone younger than 13 should really watch this.

The teenagers in Skins worry about their virginity, their family, they worry about their religion and how their friends think because one of the characters is gay.
 You have your gorgeous confident ringleader who is manipulative and seems to get everything his way.
 You have the person who likes his best friend's girlfriend and can't even tell that some other girl is obsessed with him and he has to suffer with getting a good school grade.
You have the girl who has an eating disorder and tries to suicide because the guy doesn't like him.
You have your religious guy who prays 5 times a day.
You have the party person who takes drugs and has fallen in love with his teacher.
You have the stunning gorgeous girl who worries about his gorgeous boyfriend because he secretly cheats on her with some rich girl.
You have the musician who comes from a musical background and practices hard for a competition but doesn't win.
Then you have the openly gay character and you know where that leads him.

Every single one of the characters, teenagers can relate in some way or another. My favourite characters are Cassie and Maxxie. :)



I'm sorry Gossip Girl, but I really did try, I watched like 2 seasons and a bit of season 3 :/
Cant embed but:
Watch the trailer pretty much sums up all the characters.


  1. Love skins, Watched every single episode, (3 times [at leaste!!]) Total Skins Addict! But series 5 doesnt look to great... I dont know how its going to work with an all new cast... i mean with series 3 - it worked because you had the link of Effy and 'Panda Pops!' but now its like great... all new cast... Also i dont know how many more probolems a bunch of teens can have, before the plot lines get really repetative, (like gossip girl.)

    Anon x

  2. ^ Wow, totally agree with everything you said!
    I watched a few episodes of Skins series 5 and although it is entertaining but if you compare it to gen 1 & 2 - it's just totally not on the same level.

    When I watched the first episode of series 5, it didn't leave me wanting more. It's just I watched the next episode being it was Skins but for the first episode of gen 1 I immediately needed to watch the next episode :D

    The plot line is quite repetitive for some episodes. Also, there's no guys that are particularly good looking like Maxxie, Tony, Freddie, Cook.. D: