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As much as I love people coming to my blog and getting lots of people viewing my blog and making people happy ^^ My blog is is a personal ranting one where I just post personal stuff and not a lyrics blog.
I don't like it when people only visit my blog just to get the lyrics. It kind of makes me upset even though I should be happy. I want people to visit my blog because they want to and it's interesting. I don't want people to visit my blog just to get the lyrics and not read anything else from my blog because that's not the main purpose of my blog.

 I aim to get more people reading my blog, aim to get more followers and I don't care how many people visit my blog this month people of those lyrics I only get hits but no more followers or comments. I get motivated to blog when I get followers and comments. I think many bloggers would agree on that one too!

I know my blog is like boring and not that interesting that's why not many people read it but I'm trying to make it more interesting but my friends, family and some people from my school might read this blog so I have to be careful with what I write or I'll get in trouble. I am also restricted to not posting photos from school because it is not allowed.

As much as I love my blog, I hope everyone understands that I only post stuff that I like and that I would read back later on in the years. This blog is mainly for that reason because I love reading stuff I write from when I was little and it's so funny as I look back. :D I hope everyone agrees with me, I don't think I'm going to post anymore lyrics on my blogs anymore (maybe just the songs I like!) because it is really annoying me how my #1 Popular post is not an original post I created but a lyrics post. :/

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