Day 9 + Last day of Year 10

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Day 9. A photo of the item you last purchased.

Sportsgirl - Lip Jam PEACH

Yesterday was the very last day of year 10 and it was quite teary as some people were leaving the school, most of them to a different school but a few were moving to another country or state so that was quite sad. Thank goodness we have facebook! But I'm not the type of person whose good at keeping in contact with people far away. Not good with long-distance relationships.

I didn't take that many photos and I couldn't get one whole group photo :/ I already missed out on one last year because I left for Hong Kong but this year nobody would take a group photo! It was so sad. At least I did get a small group photo :) But not all of the people joined in.

Just noticed how I look terrible in all of them -...- Ah wells, holidays now :D No more year 10! Only year 11 and 12 left but next year it's going to be so horribly stressful even more stressful than this year! I really need to start being a dedicated full time year 11 student!

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