Nobody's Perfect : Michelle Phan Controversy [rant]

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I really don't want to post this but I have to get it out of my system since it's bugging me to much as to how much hate there is towards a person.

Dear 'Haters,' 'Ex-Phans,' 'People passing by,' 'Person who happened to drop by,' 'Followers,' 'YouTubers,' and 'People in the Trash a Guru' section (not all of the people because some actually hate moderately and some people just full on hate all the way)

I am not a 'minion' or an obsessed fangirl or boy nor am I a hater. I just think that you should hate moderately (oh, I use to like her until... i did/didn't like that tutorial but she did do a messy job/ though i did like,) and not go on whincing and complaining about every single flaw about Michelle Phan (I hated that tutorial everything was messy and stupid like...and like..., did you see what she posted on facebook? she should have just used..., YOU SHOULD UNSUBSCRIBE! ). Nobody is perfect like seriously! You might think that 'oh that's what everyone says!' but how else am I suppose to break it to you that everybody is flawed?

So, some people write back saying that they shouldn't be so mean and everything in the forums. Then people write back as to why Michelle is a bad person and then they write 'if you want to rave about a guru there's a section for it - this is trash a guru.' Since I'm on neither, I can just write whatever I want right? Well here goes.

I believe everyone has the right to and has the freedom to. You have the right to write whatever the heck you want about her, you can watch her videos even if you don't like her, you can do whatever but so does Michelle! She can write whatever the heck she wants, brag about the stuff she gets, do whatever makeup tutorial she likes. If you can have the freedom and right - err why can't she? What makes YOU ever so special?

So I've been reading and ever since finding and gurugossip I honestly have changed my views and sometimes I'm like 'Oh, she's a bad person' and 'She's NOT a professional make up artist and she lies!' you know? Michellephail gives good evidence and proof about what she did. I can't say the same for gurugossip - Trash a Guru because some people can be plain mean and just say things that benefit no one. But then again - who hasn't done that before? Nobody's perfect ONCE AGAIN!!! Every single one of us has flaws and if you're perfect then wow you're perfect. Good for you.

I can't give you evidence but you can always check out trash a guru - gurugossip for proof. You guys say - oh Michelle Phan lies and contradicts herself. Oh the best excuse her minions can come up with is 'you're just jealous.' I'd have to ask you - so you've never lied before? You say Michelle Phan can't take criticism but what about you? Once someone in the trash a guru section says something defending her someone immediately goes crazy and starts swearing and saying that they should go back to praising Michelle Phan. Then the next thing, there's a thread going on about how the minions are stupid for not listening to the truth about Michelle. WAAAIIIT, HOLD ON! Weren't you the one who told them to do that???!!! So it's not okay when people say that haters are jealous and mean and they're bullies but it's OK for you to say that they're stupid, dumb and they keep praising Michelle? Yeah okay I guess that works.

Then the next thing that irks me is - you watch her videos, which you can do but then you pick out all of these little things she does wrong and these flaws in her videos. You know, if people didn't know - they'd think you were some obsessed stalker picking up everything they see. It's like a girl having a crush on a boy and they note down everything they do every single day. No offence, but that's kind of freaky. It's also freaky when you pick out everything like her english grammar and things she should have said instead. I thought that only happened at school and universities where you're actually getting assessed for English. Better listen to the teacher in class or I might get told off by the Grammar police online eeek!

I do get angry when she makes up lies about her faith because I seriously haven't encountered anyone in my life who has had an encounter like the chicken and rice thing like her. I encounter small things or dreams or like read the Bible and get a message from it. It's actually a really unrealistic story (to me) because I wouldn't talk to strangers anyways or walk out by myself. But how would I or you know? You don't know if people are lying or not. Wouldn't it just be great if everyone had a lie detector? Just believe half half to people you don't trust or don't know well.

I do understand if you don't like her showing off her cleavage well neither do I! But then again, that just makes you look jealous and it's really none of your business what she wears. You can't do anything about it unless you get hired to be her stylist.

I do understand that people hate her IQQU brand but you can't believe what everyone tells you. Sometimes the product does work and sometimes it doesn't. If you haven't tried it - you really have no right to say it sucks since you haven't experienced it yourself and only heard it from people. If you have tried it and it's bad then OK big deal, don't need to tell everyone that it's bad because everyone has different skin than you. Don't need to bring the whole brand down - some products work some products don't. Why don't you just sue for making your skin so bad? Complain. complain. complain. Tell them to get a refund and that you're going to sue.

I WANT THE OLD MICHELLE BACK! YOU'VE CHANGED MICHELLE! Sure, doesn't everyone? Or are you still a 5 year old in a 16 year old body?

Michelle Phan may be famous but she's not a celebrity, she doesn't have a publicist, agent, stylist or those other people helping her. She's all on her own. Celebrities get help. That's part of the reason why I'm writing this because you people have got to imagine what it's like for her. Sure, she's in magazines and she's all famous but she has so many haters!! Imagine you're famous and you have all these paparazzis crowding around you even when you're in the car and you're all nervous inside because you're scared that you might do something stupid. You remember the time when you had to go up on stage to receive an award? Well it's like that except 10000000x more nerve-wrecking. If you make a mistake, it'll be EVERYWHERE. Everyone will peck at you like seagulls pecking on bread. They'll hunt you down like an eagle hunting for anything worth eating.

You say Michelle Phan seems as if she doesn't want to do videos anymore and she's lacking the spirit she did when she first started. WELL DUH! I wouldn't want to do videos if I knew there were going to be people editing photos and criticizing everything. I'd feel so pressured just to get it right and over analyze like every single thing. That's why her videos have changed because of people just telling her that it's not good enough. 'Not good enough! Not good enough! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!'

So she tries harder and the next thing she knows is - 'oh you've changed!' 'She's lacking something.'

Self control people!!!! Sometimes I slip and say wrong things and that's okay because nobody's perfect but when you - then wow. You really need to reeducate yourself, learn some manners, go to meditation classes and start realising that criticizing and saying mean stuff about people isn't going to make you happier, or prettier or any better than Michelle is. You're actually wasting your time when instead you could be doing something more productive like make YouTube videos and then you'll get famous from it! Or changing the world or keeping fit and spending time with your friends and family but nooooo - all you do online is just sit on your chair in front of your laptop/computer or with your phone and just say mean stuff about people.

 Look - I know that you hate her and some people give good reasons to dislike her which is alright IMO since everyone has haters nobody in the world can satisfy everybody's needs but some people need to learn that it's best if you just zip it and keep it to yourself. And I know you can say whatever you want but I just really want to let you know that that's not going to help anyone and it just makes you all seem really silly and overly obsessed when you pick on things like the way she looks and talks and does her tutorials. It's her own channel and her own videos - doesn't she have the right to just do whatever she wants? If you were writing a novel  you wouldn't want people telling YOU what to write! I know this post actually contradicts some things I have said but I just really want to get this across that everyone has the right to but just think about what you're doing and look at it from a third person's point of view and realise that it's really silly to boss people around and criticize every little thing about a person.

Start reading the Bible people! Easier said than done and believe me, I know how nasty people can get once I mention God and Bible! Not going to force you, but you never know until you try. You never know how it feels like to get so many haters until you're in that position. You never know how it feels until someone does it back to you. You never know what to believe anymore. Nobody's Perfect.

I know it may seem I've sided Michelle and I am aware of the things she has been doing and has done and I know she's self obsessed especially in the 'Beautiful Story' which made me feel like she was just bragging about herself and the way she told us how we should paint on a smooth surface/canvas because that's just telling everyone that they should have clear perfect skin but I'm not siding with the people who go to the extreme either.

 I wish I wrote this because it's so true!

I'm really glad if you read it til the very end.
Thank You.
If you're someone who doesn't like Michelle,
then I hope you keep the hating at a moderate or minimum level.
It's okay if you give your own personal opinions but it's not okay when it's just criticizing her body and english and her love life and art because she's a makeup guru on YouTube.
She didn't sign up for 'oh criticize every single thing about me.'

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