Strobe Edge

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This is a short post but - after 4 years of reading and waiting for STROBE EDGE by Sakisaka Io, I have finally finished the whole series!! 36 chapters and 10 volumes.I don't even know what to feel inside but I feel so happy and totally going >,< all through the couple last chapters. Definitely top in my manga list!!! And Ren is sooo hot!!!!!

It has made my heart flutter, beat and always manages to pull on my heartstrings and always, ALWAYS makes me go 'AWWWWWW' I loved the ending and it has taught me so many things and guided me along with Ninako's (which is such a cute name btw) first love and the challenges she (and many other teenage girls) face with love and relationships! I don't know what manga to read now, I just feel like I've reached my goal and achieved something and now I feel all good inside, especially since the last chapter was filled with 'nawww~~~' moments!

Read it there!!!

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