Otome Youkai Zakuro Episode 13 (Finale)

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I finished~ I finished~ I finished~ Otome Youkai Zakuro! YEAH YEAH YEAH. It was so brilliantly good!

Thought the fighting scene (against Lady Rangui) went on way too quickly and everything was burning and on fire and yet they were fighting. Damn Lady Rangui is so freaky!!!! Her voice and the eyes and the arms...and the bald hair. I like her better in human form even though her humungous boobs irks me x_x

When Agemaki told Zakuro that he loved her and when Zakuro pulled out her pendant to unleash her full power!!! IT WAS SOOO EXCITING!!! Then Zakuro just full on killed Lady Rangui with one strike. (Pretty fast fighting scene) But.....AGEMAKI TOLD ZAKURO THAT HE LOVED HER!!!!! Then she replied "You're suppoed to wait until everything's been taken care of' XD

 I thought the building would have collapsed already XD Especially the bit when Omodaka wanted to stay with his mother. I thought it was collapse already since it was dragging on and on...

At the end, it was soo sweet and the guys had to leave TT_TT so each of them said their goodbyes. They were all so very sweet but so sorry Zakuro and Agemaki but I thought Riken and Susukihotaru were the winners! They were so incredibly cute and adorable.

I got soooooooo sad when they left and the ending song just made it worse. Then Omodaka and that other half-spirit girl were alive!!!! 

Then when they came back and got reinstated I was like 'well I got sad for nothing' AND THEY THE TWO LITTLE SPIRITS!!! AHAHAHAHA They told the rest of them that Zakuro and Agemaki kissed!!!! Sooo funny!!!

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