Lip/Cheek Tints

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Okay, I've always wondered why and how Goo Hye Sun/ Geum Jan Di always had that awesome lip colour that was always so reddish pink.
My lips are never like that colour!! And I don't like lipstick since it makes my lips go dry and flaky. Lipglosses don't work for me..That is when I discovered LIP/CHEEK TINTS!

Ta da! This one is from the Body Shop ~ which I just realised they had. Anyways, what are lip/cheek tints supposed to do? Well according to The Body Shop about the above tint it says -
Best if you want to: Give cheeks a healthy glow and lips a wash of color with a dual-purpose stain that complements all complexions.
Best for: all skin tones
What it is designed to do:

■Gel-based formulation is fast drying and easy to blend.

■Glycerin and pathenol moisturize lips and improve hydration.

■Angled applicator brush and well on the stem pack is designed for easy application, while minimizing product spillage.

So there you go :) I bought it today at Sportsgirl after hearing about it and it was only 4.95$ which is OK but at first it looks like it has a lot in it but when you take the applicator out it really does only have like 4ml...But so far - good results! I've only tried it on my lips though because I don't like red cheeks.

The things I've noticed about it though is that :

1. It feels as if it's not there at all! :O Unlike lipgloss or lipstick which makes your lips oily or stick together.

2. It makes it look natural and not shiny at all.

3. Luscious lips! No more weird coloured lips anymore (for me!)

4. It makes you look prettier of course

If your wondering (or NOT wondering) this is what the Sportsgirl Lip/Cheek Tint looks like:

And this is the expensive but famous BENETINT (where I first heard of the lip/cheek tint)


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