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Went to Fortune Five to have dim sum today with my family. We ate a whole heap and ended up at Karrinyup shopping centre where we spent most of the day exploring. Mum and I went looking for a handbag for almost 2 hours and she ended up giving up at the check out when she found out the 30% discount only applied when she more 2 or more items. So that was a lost effort. However, I did have my eye upon Fossil's handbags and wallet which I am still admiring and dreaming about until now. My Ooh La La wallet which I purchased last year with my friend at Myer has gone incredibly ragged and I need a new one desperately! Also, my wallet right now is extremely heavy and dirty.

Sydney Zip Clutch valued at AUD$99
I especially love the colour and the look of the wallet as it is a lilac colour inside and it feels so light and sleek. It is made of smooth leather.

Sydney Top Zip valued at AUD$199
The other item I took interest in was this crossbody small handbag which came also in blue but also a metallic pink and gold. I extremely loved the pink but thought that this gold colour would match much more easily with my casual clothes. I've been searching for a small bag in a colour other than brown as all of my other small bags are brown in colour. My friend's friend also has a blue Michael Kors' bag which I absolutely adored but I searched it up and it was valued at over $300 and it wasn't available over here in Perth so sad faces all around :--( Feeling extremely blue right now because I didn't end up getting anything today.

Staying on the subject of 'blue,' I've really been eyeing blue eyeshadow (scuse the pun!) but after looking at many photos with models wearing blue eyeshadow I really want to join in the trend. It's not actually a trend right now, I don't think, as many people still relate it back to the 70's but I so adore the look. Especially this photo of Xiao Wen Ju:

It's appearing more of a green hue to me right now but w/e I still want blue!
I've been looking around online for a perfect shade of blue and I haven't found anything as of now but The Body Shop's Boyfriend Jeans and Korres' Eyeshadow in Green White and Sky Blue. Shit, I really think the colour I want is really green but it looks blue to me?? Anyhow, it looks extremely pretty. 

Swatches/Images for Korres' eyeshadow shades credited to: http://www.temptalia.com/korres-eyeshadows-review-photos-swatches

The one on the very right side is Boyfriend Jeans. 

Swatches/Images for The Body Shop's Boyfriend Jeans credited to: http://icefrostdiary.com/new-swatches-the-body-shop-colour-crush-eyeshadow

By the way, Angus & Julia Stone's new single 'Heart Beats Slow' is out now! It's pretty good. 

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