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Hiro: Hey Mika.
Mika: Hmm?
Hiro: What happened to people when they die?
Mika: They definitely go to heaven.
Hiro: I want… to become the sky. Become the sky and always look after Mika from above.
Mika: A stalker is it? Then… then everytime I look at the sky, i’ll think of Hiro.
A clear sky means Hiro is in good mood.
A rainy day means Hiro is crying.
A sunset means Hiro is embarassed.
A night sky means Hiro is warmly hugging me. Right?
Hiro: I only bought you cheap ring. To make it up to you, I’ll give you all the starts in the universe.
- Koizora (Sky of Love)


  1. ahh!

    this post suits your background theme! with the sky!!

  2. oh yeah it does ahah just realised :)