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Recently, well last Friday to be exact, the Japanese exchange students came to our school. I was one of the few people to see them arrive as I was on my way back to Christian Life Studies class from getting my portrait from the Art class and I saw all of them arriving. Then I saw them after school going home with their host families. After school, I also webcam-ed with one of my friends who was hosting a Japanese exchange. Her name was called Haruna!
Above is a picture that Isabella gave me after the shot. Excuse me but the only person who looked good was my friend, Isabella –_- hmph.  (No wonder she gave me this picture)
Haruna looks way prettier in real life and she’s heaps tall and skinny as well! I know,,, because today I saw her! I also saw the rest of the japanese exchange students and were introduced to most of them. It was really pleasant :)
One of them also liked Hana Yori Dango and Hamasaki Ayumi too~ SO happy!
Will update tomorrow, there’re only staying here for two weeks D:

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