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Birdy's album cover named Birdy
Just this morning, my sister inserted this Birdy CD into the car. It was 12 in the afternoon when we were driving to Northbridge to have lunch. My trip to the city was a pleasant one as I was listening to Birdy and reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I think this month is going to be all about birds or something (even my blog head is of birds!)

I was immediately mesmerized by Birdy's voice. She is absolutely amazing and has a beautiful voice. Even though all the songs on the album are just song covers such as Skinny Love and Young Blood - she gives them a touch of 'Birdy-ness' (?) to them and makes them hers.

I feel really pedophile - ish when I say this but she has an absolutely amazing voice and she's super pretty! I can honestly say that she's one of my favourite singers along with Florence + The Machine and Lana Del Rey! They're all super pretty and they all have unique voices and a certain style.


Rating: 3.5/5
Because none of these songs are originals but very beautiful covers.

Recommended songs: Skinny Love, People help the people, White Winter Hymnal, The District sleeps alone tonight, Terrible Love

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Just to get you started:

Birdy - People Help The People

Birdy - Skinny Love

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  1. I really like it. It's differently beautiful.