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I’m not trying to scare anyone off but I see a lot of posts about looking for love. I’m going to write about this, just this time. I understand everyone wants to feel loved and it does make you happy but learn to love yourself first. Love isn’t about butterflies. It is pain, so much pain but what you gain from love is worth suffering for. It’s not something that just comes out of nowhere. I don’t believe you can love a person just by looking at them. Love is work, love grows… it doesn’t just show up at your door step. Like a plant, you start with a seed. You water it everyday and give so much attention and you have to do this on a daily to keep it alive. To keep it growing.

You can say you love 10 in a lifetime? I think you can only love one whole heartedly, with your whole heart and soul. If you waste it on a love that isn’t meant to be. It would feel like a part of you would always be missing and no matter who you’re with or whoever you try to replace them with. It won’t be as blissful, won’t be as happy. We try but we notice difference. Which is why we have to love wisely. Be smart and know yourself and your wants first before being responsible with someone else’s feelings because you can get someone hurt. You can destroy another person, a person meant for someone else. Some are lucky to stumble on the right one because they took their time. It’s ironic because when you hate the idea of love, it comes to you to prove you wrong. Changes your beliefs and here you are… was realist and now a dreamer. You swear there was no such thing but life decided to surprise. Another would be a dreamer looking for love and fail so many times they become a realist. I just see a lot of these stuff and my head is swimming with this thoughts. So I wrote it down.

Love is out there and it’s real. It’s all around you. Your family, your friends, your church, strangers that help others without being blood related. It’s always the special type of person we can’t live without type of love. We can’t have everything. If there’s one thing I lack. I lack love of a mother. I’m thankful to have my best friend/boyfriend/hubby to comfort me and love me. I don’t feel deprived. Stop wanting and appreciate what’s there. We can’t have it all though, so open your eyes and look around. You might be ignoring love while it’s staring you right in the face.

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