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Today, Hazuki was in our form today. It was really funny, Charlotte was trying to talk to her but she couldn't understand so she used google translate. It was really funny~ except I didn't say anything much. But I watched.
In economics class, I found out that the japanese students had their own english class so they don't have lessons with the host students...and I was really happy that Chelsea was in our class because I haven't met Isabella's or Chelsea's exchange students - Haruna and Misa properly yet.
Then we had recess and I was really excited. Me and Rin wanted to go talk to the group of japanese students (girls) so we did.
At first I asked if they liked Big Bang and they did, and they liked Tohoskinki/DBSK/TVXQ and one of the girls said they liked _____ (sorry I forgot xD) and I said I liked Hero and then they were all puzzled. Rin asked me who it was and I replied 'Jaejoong' and one of the girls were like 'AH! Jaejoong!' Ahahah it was funny. Then I think we left because it got awkward.
After a while, we went over there again to ask more questions but Yun, Faith and Rebecca and Naomi tagged along as well. Oh wait, actually Naomi wanted to get to know them or something.
So I introuduced Naomi but then it went silent so I started making small talk.
'So how old are you?'
'16, 17, 17, 16, 17'
'Do you know Hamasaki Ayumi?'
'Ah yes!'
'So where are you from? Kyoto, Osaka, To (except I didn't pronounce it right I think ahaha)
'Oh we are all from Osaka.....Where are you from?'
'I am from Hong Kong.'
Then they were like 'OHH Hong Kong' and started talking between themselves.
'Beautiful Night skyview' (I didn't understand them the first time - it took me a while to get it.'
'Oh thank you.'
-SILENCE- ahahah
'So...do you like Hana Yori Dango?'
'Ah yes~'
'Have you watched the Korean version?'
And the korean fans one was like 'Yes!'
'Who do you like out of ___ (Lol, I didn't know what to say. I didn't think they would understand 'out of Boys Before Flowers' and specifically the korean version.'
Then Rin completed it by saying 'F4'
and the korean fan was like 'Kim Hyung joong!'
and we were all like ooooooohhh.
Then the bell rang so we all said bye bye.

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