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I actually mean people who want to but don't need to. There is a difference because people who need to might have had an accident but people who want to might dislike a feature of themselves and want to change it.

I don't think anybody should get plastic surgery just because they think they have flaws somewhere. Everybody should be told that they're beautiful inside (especially!) and outside. People can be so cruel sometimes and tell people that they're ugly and disgusting. Everybody has different opinions and define the word 'beautiful' differently. It also applies to celebrities as well, some people like _______ and other people like ________. There is no exact definition of 'beautiful', 'hot' or 'cute'.

I do believe that people have freedom to choose whether or not to have plastic surgery though because it is their life and if it builds their self esteem then fine, but then they will look like someone else and in the end everyone will look similar like the two girls below:

2 girls who had plastic surgery and they end up looking so similar!
They do end up really pretty though, that I have to admit but scary at the same time 

What people should worry about more than their appearance is there personality. People don't choose leaders because they're beautiful it's because they have a good heart and ambitious to lead.You know the saying 'appearance captures the attention but personality captures the heart' or something like that. If you're super duper pretty but you have an ugly personality well nobody cares because you're personality is such a turn off. If you're beautiful and you have a beautiful heart well...KUDOS :D



God gave us the freedom to choose and learn from our mistakes. 

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