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I'm going to be faithful towards my blog~

I always have thoughts about moving to another blog host like Tumblr because it has so many features and everything but I've decided to stick to this one as my main one. Since I've never really had a blog that I've had since last year (September!) It's seems such a long time but really it isn't. That was in like term 3 and seemed such a long way ago. 

I first remembered making it because I was really inspired by some of the other bloggers who did pictures as their blogs and everything so I did it too but it was hard work. My cartoons weren't even cute at all like theirs. So then I just stayed to typing things out like most bloggers do. I don't really remember what got me into blogging really. I just remember it was a REALLLYYY long time ago. I'll try finding one for you ;)

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