My mum is obsessed AGAIN!

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Which wouldn't actually be such a bad thing if she didn't constantly whine about when she could watch it and whenever we mention 'Cinderella's Sister' she would shout 'OH IS IT OUT YET?!' and then she's shout at dad for not downloading it for her. She's like become Queen Bee all of a sudden and we're all her workers that provide her the need for dramas. It's almost better than her going mahjonging since she just sits in front of the tv and cooks for us then goes back to watching. Unlike when she goes for mahjong she doesn't even make us dinner TT___TT.....

AhhH~ there she goes again....

Ohnoes! -facepalm-

Last year it was Boys Before Flowers (Kkotboda Namja) :

Ah the classic - and she instantly fell in love with JiHoo for he was the white prince. And she was like a lovestruck teenager and constantly talked about JiHoo calling him 'My white prince on a horse' but in cantonese of course. That made Dad sort of jealous...kekeke~ To this day she still talks about how the four guys are really handsome to her friends who don't even watch Korean dramas....


Now it's Cinderella's Sister (Cinderella Unni):

She's not really into the guys as much as the four princes in Boys Before Flowers but she likes the stepmother because she's funny and she's a fan of Moon Geun Young and the rest...DOn't know why she likes it. I love it because of all four characters. I guess she likes them too? She's talked to some of her friends about this but I don't think they're at the age where they should be watching this since they're like 40-60.....yeahhh.

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  1. Bahahaha. Yeah, my mum was obsessed with Boys Before Flowers too - and JiHoo +___+
    She's watched it even more times than I have. (Actually I've only watched it twice, but yeah...)
    But now she moving onto bigger and better things (Korean Drama for "grown ups")
    although she recently did get kind of in a bad mood because one she watched had a lousy ending in which the main guy got beaten to death at his wedding D: guess they didn't want to make a sequel.