Anything I'm Not

01:22 Cyndi 2 Comments

This song may not seem special to you but it is to me.

It is so strong, why?

Because this was the song I was listening to on that Monday October 2008.
The day that my dog died. I was listening to it in the car because I was being a wuss and thought that everything would be alright and I was waiting for him to return to the car.

I so regret not going into the vet with him now.

It spoilt the song because whenever I listen to it it reminds me of everything that happened. I also regret not seeing him one last time.

But still to this day, Lenka is one of my favourite singers.
I love her lyrics and I love her art. :)


  1. I love this song, even though I've only heard it once (now!)
    Except I kept hearing "cha cha" said by some freaky little kid all throughout it? I'm still hearing it now!!! Please tell me that it's a weird talking widget on your blog and not me going crazy :|

  2. LOL yess its a talking widget ----> under the poupeegirl widget