Accepted into University!!

20:37 Cyndi 9 Comments

I just got accepted into my first preference university! Which is Curtin University I am so happy and I still can't believe I got in, which is why I need to post this on my blog so that I have proof that I actually got in!

I haven't got the actual acceptance package yet because it doesn't arrive until next week so I can't accept the offer as of now but I'm really excited for it. 

PLUS Sims 3 University comes out in March!!!! So while I'll be at university, I will be able to play my virtual family/young adults at university too which will be so awesome and I am just so stoked right now. Now I just need to get a part-time job to help with my funds!

I remember writing my About Me page last year and writing that I wanted to study a double major at Curtin and that hasn't changed at all and I'm so close to achieving this goal of mine! I had thoughts about whether to change my major to Mass Communications as it seemed more fun but I think I'll stay with a double major as Curtin is known for it's Business schools and a double major gives me more job opportunities!

I am so excited yet nervous about entering university.

How was/is university life for you at the moment? Please share some insight into university for me!

If you're like me and you haven't gone to university yet, please leave comments down below which major or job you want to do! :)


  1. Sul Sul~

    OMG! The Sims~! I love them <3
    I've been playing this game for 11 years, I have all the Sims 2, Sims 3 and even the Sims 1 >_<
    Can't wait for the '70s&80s&90s' and now this one!

  2. Ahhhhhhh me too!! Hihihi fellow Simmer! ^^I can't wait for the University EP, I've been waiting ever since Sims 3 came out in 2009!!
    Wow! You've played for a very long time!!

    I don't usually get stuff packs since I don't have enough money to get the EPs AND the stuff packs but I will see whether or not I like the 70s&80s&90s one! :D

  3. CINDY!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, congratulations, you got in! :')
    Oh I'm so glad! Well done :D
    This is great!!!!

  4. congrats into getting into uni :D

  5. Congratulations hunni! You must be so relieved to know your in, and with your first choice! Will be wishing you uni life happiness <3

  6. Thank you very much!! \(^_^)/

  7. omg congrats! it's so amazing that you're close to your goal c: best of luck ^_^

  8. congrats on getting in your top preferenced uni! have fun! uni is a great experience :D