Sims 2 - Rest in Peace Jenny&Jay

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Even though I lost Jenny's grave and Jay's grave is all alone. They will always be together in heaven and will always be remembered as being the first generation and whatever.
The Kei's
Jenny was my first favourite character because she was pretty and everything. I can't believe she lived such a short elderly life. I guess you could say that I didn't really fulfill her wants and everything. Her lifetime wish was to be Captain Hero which I didn't really develop since she stayed at home looking after the kids most of the time and she spent her youth like that. Quite miserable. She had a family aspiration.
Jay was handsome and he and Jenny lived a wealthy life and he definitely wasn't expecting twins the second round. All he really cared was Pleasure but since there were three kids at home, he couldn't really fulfill those wants. He wanted to be a Celebrity Chef which will now be Enakei's lifetime aspiration and I really want to fulfill it in Jay's place since he never got to acheive it. He had the pleasure aspiration and had a slacker career before he died.
Ju Yeon was the first child and is the eldest. She was their first experience and everything. She was born gorgeous with Jay's eyes and everything else was taken from Jenny so she was gorgeous. Her lifetime wish is to be some Criminal or something but I chose the Medicine path for her instead and now I can't quite seem to get out of it since she's earning so much from it and gets promoted a lot. She's married to Key and have a son named Timothy. They live in a different house and have the last name 'Evans.' Ju Yeon has the Wealth aspiration so she likes going to work and buying stuff.
Alex Kei is the boy twin and he looks like Jenny with the big eyes and pale skin and everything. He has the Knowledge Aspiration and is extremely neat and outgoing but not very nice like Enakei. He is now an Adult sim. He was loved by Jenny and Jay and Ju Yeon when he was first born because he was a boy and grew up well while Enakei grew up a bit wonky but now it seems like Enakei is everyone's best friend.
Enakei Kei is the girl twin and looks like Jay with small eyes and a skinny face. Her lifetime Aspiration is to be a Celebrity Chef and her Aspiration is of popularity. She loves to make friends and she's extremely neat and outgoing. She lives with Alex in a double story house before she finds her own house to live in.
The Evans
This includes Ju Yeon who was married to Key
Shadow Evans is a Romance Sim and is the mother of Key. She was only created because I needed an adult sim for Key. You see, Key and Ju Yeon met when they were teenagers because I didn't want Ju Yeon having her first kiss with an already created character. Shadow doesn't really care about Key's school work so even when Key was failing from school she didn't even get any Fears about it which is good since all sh ever cares about is making friends and dating and WooHoo.
Key Evans takes after her mother's natural tan. He's gorgeous so a lot of girls wanted to make friends with him and came over after school or work. Rarely any boys. Then he met Ju Yeon...and now they're happily married and have a boy named Timothy. His lifetime aspiration is to have 6 children but I've already crossed that one off my list since I'm definitely not going to let that happen. I've learnt from my mistakes of having too many children. Jenny died before Alex and Enakei grew up into adults so it was quite sad. Key works as actually I can't remember....I'll get back to this one.
Timothy Evans doesn't look like his father  or mother at all and is quite tannish but white at the same time. He has his father's pretty blue eyes though. But I can't seem to figure out where his lips are from. Since neither Ju Yeon's or Key's lips are thick and big. He's grown up into a child now and is best friends with a girl named Tommy February who looks similar to his mother - Ju Yeon when she was her age. I'm going to have fun playing Timothy when he grows older. Timothy and Tommy :)

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