All is resolved, I think?

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So the two twin toddlers grew up into children and the girl grew up stupid and the boy grew up well.
But they're still annoying as ever. The two adults grew up into elders and Ju Yeon has a boyfriend now.
I'm planning to move her out when she grows up in 7 days ---> Adult. Then the two twins will turn into teenagers soon....And they'll have their own lives hahaha. Then yeahhhh,,, I'm gonna make a new story after that. (Between Ju Yeon and Key) ^_^ Excited~~~ but I gotta like play with Key's family as well too because then Ju Yeon and Key won't have a pretty baby...

If it's a girl its gonna be called Ji Young
If it's a boy it's called Min Hyuk!

:)) I'm excited but I can't play too much soon because have school....EXAMS!!!!!

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