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So, the other day (December 2012) while shopping with my lovely friend, Sarah, I bought the iPod Nano 7th Gen on a whim. It all happened so fast, I didn't even have time to process the fact that I now owned my very first iPod. Yes, that's right. FIRST!

As it is my first iPod, I won't really have anything to compare it to so just bear with me on this one and assume it's a reviewer's first impression on new technology.

The price wasn't that overpriced on terms for an Apple product (I think) I bought it myself for $150 AUD. It was originally $160 but my friend had a discount card which she let me use. The current iPod Nano I am reviewing is in red/pink and is 16GB which is a lot!

Note: Image Heavy!


 I thought the packaging was really cute as it came in a small plastic case and you flipped it to open it up. It came with the earphones and charger and which were neatly tucked inside. There was also an information sheet and the usual Apple stickers and also extra information about the product. I thought it was simple and easy to use. However, I did have some trouble getting the actual nano out of the plastic which protected it but that must have been me being stupid.

Nano and iPod nano package


L to R (clockwise): Side, Top, Button, Bottom of iPod Nano
Back of the Nano
Overall, the packaging is so sleek and modernistic. It really screams APPLEFuturistic21st Century! I bought the one in product red (however, it looks more of a rosy pink to me).

I actually really love this design compared to the previous ones. The 6th generation didn't really appeal to me that much as it was way too small for my liking and didn't look like a music player to me at all. When I first saw this, I fell in love with it. I don't even really mind the white space on the back (for Bluetooth) because I mostly see the screen anyway. 

Everything is so miniature like the charger and the start button that I really find it suitable for me to bring along anywhere where I need my daily dose of music. 


The only thing that I will mention that I dislike is that it is so inconvenient for me to press pause/play or turn the volume up when its down the side of the nano. They actually blend in with the nano and so when I want to pause/play or change the volume - I have to take the nano out because it takes me way too long to shuffle it around my bag/pocket to find which side is the pause/play. 

Another thing is the way I have to take out the entire nano to change the song! I actually do set it as a playlist but I'm one of those people that like changing songs but I just wish there was an easier way to change the song without taking out the entire nano or something. Other than that I'm pretty much content with it.

Music Quality

L to R: The NEW iPod Nano earphones and the Lightning Charger

Listening to Regina Spektor!

I kind of really love the new earphones. They fit perfectly in my ear and direct the music straight into my ears. The negative part of the new earphones is that the earphones MUST only be in the right or left ear - it can't be any other way. So the left earbud must only be in the left ear or otherwise it will be rather uncomfortable! So if I wanted my friend to listen as well, it will be quite difficult. Other than that ~ it's a gem! The quality is so good and makes the music I listen to so much better!

The music app is also quite easy to use and is seperated into so many different sections like podcasts, song, album, artist, genre, Audiobooks etc. You can also shake it to shuffle all the songs which is quite convenient. I also recently discovered that a woman will tell you what song you're listening to when you press near the volume button but I have yet to confirm what button I pressed but it was quite weird!


L to R (clockwise): Changing wallpaper screen, changing clock screen, Fitness app, Radio app

The Home screen
 The other apps included are videos, fitness, podcasts, photos, radio, clock and settings! You can also change them around if you like but holding down the app until they start shaking which I thought was so adorable! There aren't as many apps as this is mainly for music use and not an iPod Touch but I love how they input so many of these extra apps in! I don't really have anything I dislike about the other apps as they aren't that detailed as the music app but I like how there's a wide selection of clocks to choose from!

I chose the clock which showed other countries' times! You can also customise the wallpaper. As you can see from the above image (Home screen) the time also shows up above and the pause/play button and also the battery!


Watching Honey Boo Boo child! HILARIOUS!
In the 7th generation, you can watch videos and I was pretty excited about that so I quickly went to find some MP4s to add onto my nano. I was quite disappointed when I couldn't put all of my Honey Boo Boo episodes on! It wasn't because of the gigabytes or memory or anything just the particular mp4s! However I was able to mostly put some music videos and what nots on there!

I must add that when you watch videos it uses the battery up A LOT!!!  Compared to just only listening to music, the battery uses up so fast! If I had charged the nano to FULL battery and watched a video for half an hour or so - the battery would be half full! So, just keep that in mind.

However, if I only listen to music, it lasts for a pretty long time. Apple says around 30 hours but I would perhaps say around 22 hours if you're like me and like to keep changing songs.

Rating + Pros/Cons

I would rate this product 4/5! 


Slim, sleek and many colours to choose from
Has apps like video, radio, podcasts, fitness
You can bring it along anywhere and put it anywhere
Music quality is really good
Video quality is also really good
Long battery life
Small charger that doesn't take much space
Easy to use
Beautiful design and package


Hard to play/pause/change volume when in pocket/bag
Hard to change song when when in pocket/bag
Video uses a lot of battery
Can't play all kinds of mp4s
Earbuds must be in correct ear otherwise uncomfortable

I hope this was somewhat helpful and if you have any other questions or anything please comment down below because I'm pretty sure I haven't covered everything! 

Thanks for reading!

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