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Mum: HI ____ IS YOUR MUM AT HOME? CAN I PLEASE SPEAK TO HER? (but in cantonese)
Kid on the other line: *thinks - err wha? I don't understand cantonese.* MUM (in english)

My parents reckons that every Asian kid whose parents know cantonese actually know cantonese themselves. 

Like in 2009 at my 14th party ~ 

Dad: *looks at me eating meat pie* HOW COME YOU DIDNT GIVE YOUR FRIENDS ANY? 
*turns to sarah* DO YOU WANT SOME MEAT PIES??? (but in cantonese) do you understand what I'm saying?

Yeaaahhhh, sure, Dad, ask her that in cantonese >.>

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  1. I did understand what he was saying though.
    He must have been confused because I shook my head to say "no, I don't want meat pies" and not "no, I don't understand."