Deviantart Titles

22:13 Cyndi 2 Comments

I have no idea why it's a pet peeve, but IT IS!

Deviantart - people take pictures of like flowers or like roses or something. Then they make up the most stupidest titles EVER to make it seem more artistic or something. For example: The Vines from Within or like the Story of the Clouds!~

Uhh, what the heck does that have to do with the picture? It's a freaking picture of a garden bed and a picture of clouds you probably took from your car! Even I could do that! (But I'd rather not embarass myself and post something more artistic and creative)

Then theres these people who just post photos of themselves on deviantart (and also making stupid irrelevent titles)....PLEASE! Leave that for Myspace and Facebook and Twitter!!! Especially when they're like stupid photos of them, ok, ok. I'm being like undescriptive. Alex Evans photos - Good because they're fashion shoots and everything. They're pretty and he took time to invest into the cameras and clothes.

An example of a bad one - When it's just your face and you're wearing something plain, you upload several photos of you just on deviantart. Irrelevent to the title, not creative or artistic at all. More like something you would make a profile picture or msn display picture but not an 'art.'

Gah, maybe it's just me BUT ITS SO ANNOYING! I don't want to look like a pedo just browsing through your gallery and finding heaps of photos of just you.


  1. ooohhhh what, they do that?! the whole blowing up their cheeks and nosebridges???!!! havent come across any of those...yet. maybes it because i look more in the digital art section instead of photography.

  2. I usually watch the 'newest' section. It's full of...... ((o.o)) <-- that.